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Super Hi-Fi

We are a company dedicated to the creation of powerful artificial intelligence tools to help digital music services deliver amazing listening experiences.

Our technologies seem like magic: they understand music nuances with the same depth as a human DJ, transforming listening from just music to real emotion.

Our goal is to help you create a truly differentiated music product – a service that stands out and delivers musical moments to hook your audience and keep them listening.

Why we built super hi-fi

We use artificial intelligence to help music experience providers of all kinds create personalized, branded, and scaled audio experiences unlike anything in the market.


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For Continuous Innovation

Where We Innovate

TODAY the space between songs is a barren wasteland of dead air and jarring, abrupt transitions. Each time a song changes on services today, major opportunities are being lost to connect with consumers in meaningful ways and radically improve their listening experience. We believe that the space between the songs is the next frontier for music services to elevate the experience and win with consumers.

Our Solutions

We’ve pushed the envelope on technology, developing radically advanced AI that digital music services can leverage to deliver truly innovative audio experiences to their customers.

Perfect Transitions

The platform dynamically creates the perfect transition between songs… every single time.

Dynamic Interstitials

AI that selects and artfully inserts content including personalities, artist interviews, podcast snippets, and news… virtually any audio you can dream of.

Volume Leveling

Automatically adjusts song volumes so listening sessions are smooth and consistent.

Ad Stitching

Seamlessly stitches audio ads into the music so they sound professional and fully polished.

Audio Brand Imaging

Brand-centric audio content blended directly into each listening feed to build powerful audio identities.

Speaker Play

Enables a highly produced, layered listening experience specifically for delivery to any smart speaker.

How It Works

Super Hi-Fi’s AI-driven, cloud-based solution connects directly with your music service, delivering real-time instructions on song placement, volume level, and much more.

Each transition is uniquely programmed for that specific pairing, whether it is song-to-song, song-to-advertisement, song-to-content, or any other combination.

Super Hi-Fi works almost instantly, it’s highly scalable, and it doesn’t interfere with your existing music delivery architecture.

THE PLATFORM Super Hi-Fi consists of a layer of cloud services, APIs, and components/reference implementations for major mobile and desktop environments.

Super Hi-Fi

Super Hi-Fi

Song - sound effect - advertisement - music bed - sound effect - song - branding

Our Partners

Super Hi-Fi works with music experience providers of all kinds including streaming, internet radio, broadcast radio, digital fitness, audio ad platforms, record companies, and more. We enable highly differentiated music experiences that drive more listening, loyalty, and love.

Super Hi-Fi